Thursday, April 10, 2014

PSF Python Brochure now available! Get your copy in Montreal!

After three long years, the PSF Python Brochure is finally printed. The first batch was shipped to PyCon 2014 in Montreal. We would like to thank all our initial sponsors and contributors for the hard work and the impressing result.

Promote Python to non-developers

Please help spread the word about how great Python is and how useful it can be to learn Python by taking the brochure to your friends, teachers, professors, managers and team leaders.

We believe it provides some very convincing arguments and hope that it can serve as useful tool in furthering the PSF's mission to grow Python and its community by reaching out to the non-developer world.

Get your brochure copy

Come and grab your copy at the Python Software Foundation table (table #5, "Startup Row") at tonight's opening reception at PyCon 2014 in Montreal.

If you cannot come to fetch your hard copy, you can have a look at the PDF version:

More information

More information on the brochure, the idea behind it, media data and ordering links are available on our project page:

Marc-Andre Lemburg
Director, Python Software Foundation