Wednesday, May 07, 2014

PSF Sponsors SciPy 2014

SciPy 2014, taking place July 6-12 in Austin, Texas, will be the thirteenth rendition of the scientific community’s annual Python conference, and the Python Software Foundation is a proud Gold sponsor. With an expanded schedule to include a third day of talks, the growing conference is expecting to reach nearly 500 attendees.

"Last year we had about 330 register for the tutorials and conference. This year we are expecting over 450,” said organizer Brett Murphy. “Last year we had to shut off registration for the main conference when it hit 300 attendees. This year we can handle up to 800, so we'll see where we end up!"

The keynote schedule includes three great speakers: Lorena A. Barba, Nick Coghlan, and Greg Wilson. Lorena is an associate professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at George Washington University, and a renowned speaker on high-performance computing. Nick is a CPython core developer, PSF Fellow, and software developer at Red Hat, where he works on testing and integration systems. Last but not least, Greg works for the Mozilla Foundation and is the creator of Software Carpentry, a crash course in computing skills for scientists and engineers.

The PSF supports the conference at the Gold level, pledging $4000 in support of the event. This sponsorship will help to defray the cost of lodging and travel for students attending the conference, reduce the cost of attendance for all members, provide time and rooms for development sprints, and more.

SciPy 2014 includes several sub-events, including:

This post was co-authored by Kushal Das