Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GHOP 2009/2010 Planning

The Google Highly Open Participation contest ('GHOP') is going to run again this year in December starting around Dec 7th. Closer to December we will start talking about suggestions and thoughts on how to make GHOP work well for the PSF and Python.

What's that?

If you're not familiar with GHOP, it is a contest framework that lets Google pay students for doing small units of work (coding, testing, doc writing, etc.) on a wide variety of projects. It was a success for the PSF last time, in that tons of doc changes and test fixes got committed to core, many other projects benefitted, and most of the people involved had a pretty good time.

However, before GHOP can run again, the organizers (Google + GHOP enthusiasts) need help with the Melange application used to drive the contest. Since it's written in Python/Django, they hope the Python community can help out.


The best way to help with Melange is by joining the melange dev mailing list and research the areas where melange could use some help.

Titus Brown has also posted additional information to his blog about what Melange is and the sort of help needed, and an upcoming team meeting on IRC.