Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PSF Provides Grant to Port WebOb

The Python Software Foundation has provided Chris McDonough with US$3000 to port the WebOb project to Python 3. The port is scheduled to run between Oct. 1-31, with the results to be received on or before Nov. 30.

Chris has actually begun work a little early and completed porting a significant amount of the code already. There is still testing and documentation work to do, however. You can follow his progress through the project's Github repository.

About WebOb

WebOb provides wrappers around the WSGI request environment, and an object to help create WSGI responses. The objects map much of the specified behavior of HTTP, including header parsing and accessors for other standard parts of the environment. The current version runs on Python 2.6 and up.

Current Schedule

Over the next few weeks, Chris will be updating the documentation and testing WebOb against the "in the wild" things that depend on it. He encourages those who use WebOb to check out his source from Github and try it with Python 3 and submit bugs if they find any. You can also use the #pyramid channel on IRC to report success stories or ask questions of Chris (AKA: mcdonc).

About Chris McDonough

Chris is a developer from Fredericksburg, VA, USA who has been using Python since 1999, mostly to create web applications. Chris is the mastermind behind the Pyramid web framework, the Supervisor process manager, and the Repoze set of middleware and applications. Chris' ohloh profile provides a good overview of his open source contributions.