Monday, February 08, 2021

Jesse Noller is awarded the PSF's Distinguished Service Award

 On January 27, 2021 the Python Software Foundation awarded the Distinguished Service Award to Jesse Noller:

RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation award the 2021 Distinguished Service Award to Jesse Noller for his significant contributions to Python as a core developer, PyCon US Chair, and PSF board member.

Jesse Noller has had an essential role in the growth of the Python community. His influence on the Python community spanned contributions to the language itself, transforming PyCon US, and strengthening the Python Software Foundation, and these contributions laid the groundwork for so much of our success in the years following his contribution.

As a Python core developer, he was responsible for the addition of multiprocessing to the Python Standard Library, making parallel execution of Python code easily accessible to Python developers for the first time.

He championed the Python Software Foundation’s transformation from an invitation-based organization to one with an open membership model. This created an environment where the Foundation’s membership and Board could become representative of the entire Python community, not just of a select few.

Building upon the Foundation’s Diversity statement, he guided the Foundation to adopt its first Code of Conduct, setting the Foundation on a path where all members of the Python community could thrive.

He stewarded PyCon US through its 2012 and 2013 rotation, and continued as  sponsor liaison for 2014, transforming the event from a volunteer-operated event to one with an operations staff and more than double the attendance. This helped turn PyCon US into a revenue source that could fund the Foundation’s growth and increase its outreach. Remarkably, he achieved this transformation without diminishing the conference’s community focus.

Through the transformation of PyCon US, Jesse was able to lead the Foundation to make meaningful financial commitments to support the core infrastructure   Python developers use every day.

While individually any of these contributions are worthy of recognition,  Jesse’s contributions all served to enable more people to meaningfully participate in Python: through creating space for more people to participate in the Python Software Foundation, for more people to attend PyCon US and learn from the community’s leaders, and for more people to benefit from a financially resilient Foundation.

Jesse’s past contributions transformed the Python community and its institutions, and are felt to this day. We are truly grateful for his service.

To recognize this lasting legacy on the Python community, the Python Software Foundation awards Jesse Noller the Distinguished Service Award.

Written by: Christopher Neugebauer with input from other directors and staff!