Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Thank You for Making PyCon US amazing, Jackie!

Jackie Augustine is moving on from her role of Director of Events at the PSF. Please join me in thanking Jackie for all of her amazing work with our volunteers, vendors, and staff. Her energy, heart, and dedication will be keenly missed.

Jackie says, “PyCon US will forever be in my heart. Mostly because of all the wonderful people I have met and come to love. The community members, the board directors, the many volunteers, and especially the staff of the PSF have enhanced my life tremendously. I will truly miss everyone.”

Jackie has been working with the PSF on PyCon US for 10 years and most recently managed our pivot to two years of remote PyCons. She also oversaw our return to a safe and fulfilling in-person PyCon earlier this year. PyCon US would not be the successful and growing event it is today without her work.

The PSF’s Director of Infrastructure Ee Durbin shared, “For most PyCon US is a few precious days in the spring each year. For some it is months of preparing a presentation, organizing a summit, or volunteering their time. For Jackie it has been a continuous and heartfelt commitment year over year to facilitate every detailed aspect of the conference, both in-person and online, that we cherish. The impact Jackie has had on our community via PyCon US is hard to overstate and our gratitude should be as deep and heartfelt as the commitment she made in her time directing the event.”

So, what’s next for us? Our extremely capable Event Assistant, Olivia Sauls will be stepping up into the role of Program Director and we will be hiring a Community Events Manager to help us run PyCon US. It would be lovely if you could help us by sharing the job listing widely.