Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Python Software Foundation re-opens its Grants Program!

The Python Software Foundation is excited to announce the re-opening of its Grants Program! 

The pandemic negatively affected the PSF’s finances with the cancellation of PyCon 2020’s in-person conference and lower donations. Thanks to PyCon 2020 Online sponsors, donors, and our financial reserve, we are able to continue to support the Python community! 

Historical Impact

The PSF’s Grants Program has supported the growth of Python in many regions and fostered the training for many individuals. Between 2014 and 2019, the PSF disbursed $1,637,000 in financial support to organizers and developers all over the world. 

Grant disbursements from 2014 through 2019 by grant type
To see a high resolution version, click here!

Updated criteria & requirements

For the immediate future, the PSF’s Grants Program will focus on virtual sprints, virtual events, and Python core development support. We are not currently accepting applications for in-person events. When that changes, we will update the community.

Here's an abbreviated overview of what the PSF Grants Work Group requires:

  • For all applications: at least 6 weeks to review the application; so if your virtual sprint begins November 1st, submit your application no later than September 21. We also require a code of conduct.
  • For virtual workshops & training: a detailed curriculum, a budget overview, and mentor information
  • For virtual conferences: a schedule, a budget overview, sponsor information, and registration procedures
  • For dev projects/sprints: milestone breakdowns with a timeline, and a budget overview

Be sure to read through the Grants Program information page and FAQ page before submitting your grant application to capture all the requirements and changes: 



The PSF has put together a free resource list for virtual events. Some of these may help reduce the cost of your virtual event. We recommend that you read this page before submitting a grant application.

Information on how to submit a grant application can be found on our website.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Answer these surveys to improve pip's usability

The pip team has been working on improving the usability of pip since the start of this year. We've been carrying this work out remotely - by interviewing pip users, by sending short surveys, and doing usability tests of new pip functions.

We want to thank everybody who is contributing input to this work and are taking part in this research, which is still ongoing. We've learned a lot about who uses pip and how you use it. This has helped the team make decisions to improve pip, such as error messages and documentation to help you fix dependency conflicts.

Our team has put together a User Experience (UX) section in pip's documentation to tell you about this UX work. It covers what has happened so far, how you can contribute, and what is coming in the future.

Contribute to current UX work

Right now, you can take part in a number of studies about:

  1. What pip features do you use most, and what pip feature you'd like to see - give your input by completing this survey
  2. How "pip force install" should behave - give your input by completing this survey
  3. How "pip --force-reinstall" should behave - give your input by completing this survey
  4. Help create a design brief for a pip logo - give your input by completing this survey
  5. What is your experience of using pip search - give your input by completing this survey

If you have time, the team asks for you to answer all of these surveys. You can do them in your own time, all at once or over a few days.

At the end of these surveys you can give your email address to be contacted for a short interview. These interviews will be via web conference/videocall.

Contribute to future pip UX work

If you want to contribute to our UX work in the future, please sign up to become a member of the UX Studies group.

After you join, we'll notify you about future UX Studies (surveys and interviews).

Contacting the pip UX Team

You can contact the pip UX Team by email.

We look forward to talking with you!

-Bernard Tyers, user experience, pip team 

Sumana Harihareswara, project manager, pip team