Friday, April 03, 2009

PSF Community Awards - March 2009

Sunday, March 29th, at Pycon 2009 in Chicago: On behalf of the PSF Board of Directors, Python BDFL and PSF President Guido van Rossum announced two Python Software Foundation Community Awards.

PSF Community Awards are given semi-regularly, several times each year, to people who have made significant contributions to the broader Python community, helping the Foundation to fulfill its mission. Each prize includes a free PyCon registration and $500 towards travel and hotel.

This time we recognized two people who have helped to make PyCon possible:

Mary Rush has given selflessly for four years now, staffing the registration desk and providing a friendly face for PyCon.

Carl Karsten has been a great asset to PyCon for the last three years. His energy and enthusiasm have helped PyCon reach new highs.

Congratulations and many thanks to Mary and Carl!