Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New PSF Community Mailing List

Last year, the Python Software Foundation adopted an open membership model, allowing anyone that uses and supports Python to become a member of the foundation. Furthering our efforts on this front, the historical psf-members mailing list has been retired, and two new mailing lists have been created in its place: psf-community and psf-vote.

Unlike the old psf-members mailing list, the new psf-community mailing list will be open to all community members, and will have public archives. The new psf-vote mailing list will only be used to administer elections. A more detailed summary of the mailing list changes can be found below, along with the related resolutions from the PSF board meetings.
  • The psf-members mailing list has been retired:
    • This list will be locked to new posts.
    • This list will no longer accept new subscribers.
    • The archives will be open to existing list subscribers.
  • A new psf-community mailing list has been created:
    • All community members may subscribe.
    • The archives are public.
    • This list is expected to be an active list with courteous, productive, and respectful conversations about community issues and news.
    • Example topics: PyCon announcements, PSF board meeting minutes, PSF board member nominations, community awards, outreach and education initiatives, etc
    • All current PSF members have been sent an invite to join this mailing list, and anyone is welcome to subscribe to this list (after signing up for a basic membership).
  • A new psf-vote mailing list has been created:
    • All PSF members with voting privileges may subscribe to this list. This includes the following membership classes: supporting members, sponsor delegates, managing members, contributing members, and fellows.
    • The archives will be open to list subscribers.
    • This list will be used to administer PSF elections. We have automatically subscribed all current PSF voters. If you unsubscribe from this list, our secretary will reach out to you to confirm that you wish to relinquish your voting rights.
    • This list is expected to be a low volume mailing list, containing election details, and discussions that require some privacy and discretion (such as a potential corporate sponsors).
We hope to see you on the new psf-community mailing list – thank you for your contributions to the community!

Approved on July 9, 2015 (meeting minutes):
RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation adopt these mailing list actions to further support the Python Software Foundation bylaws, improve governance, and provide greater transparency for the membership:

a) RESOLVE to retire psf-members mailing list where the psf-members mailing list will be locked for new posts and new subscribers and the psf-members archives will be open to list subscribers as of July 9, 2015

b) RESOLVE to create a new psf-vote mailing list where all Python Software Foundation membership classes with voting rights granted by the Python Software Foundation bylaws may subscribe to the mailing list; posting privilege will be subject to the Python Software Foundation Code of Conduct and moderation; and the archives are open to list subscribers
Approved on May 20, 2015 (meeting minutes):
RESOLVED, that a new psf-community mailing list be created, with public archives, open for all PSF members, including, in particular, all the basic members