Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome New PSF Members!

After the spring elections, the Foundation is happy to welcome a new group of members.

All members of the PSF are nominated by an existing member for their work in the Python community. We have quite a diverse set of community members joining us this year, with representation across many countries and individuals contributing to many areas of the Python world.

As with years past, a group of individuals known for their contributions of code, either to Python implementations or other projects in the Python ecosystem, were elected. We also have a number of members recognized for their work with PyCon and other Python conferences around the world. Community effort is another theme and we have several members known for their work building and expanding their local Python communities as well as the global community. Several folks who keep various Python infrastructure up and running were also elected.

Please join us in welcoming all of the new members to the Foundation!

  • Tim Ansell
  • Martin Aspeli
  • Henrique Bastos
  • Benoit Chesneau
  • Jan Ulrich Hasecke
  • Larry Hastings
  • Stephen Hawkes
  • Ewa Jodlowska
  • Andreas Jung
  • Noah Kantrowitz
  • Peter Kropf
  • Jannis Leidel
  • Chris McDonough
  • Paul McMillan
  • Carl Meyer
  • Luciano Ramalho
  • Kenneth Reitz
  • Armin Ronacher
  • Michelle Rowley
  • Tres Seaver
  • Hanno Schlichting
  • Armin Stroß-Radschinski
  • Christian Theune
  • Giles Thomas
  • Nicholas H. Tollervey
  • Wilfredo Sanchez Vega
  • Chris Withers

For the full PSF membership roster, please see

Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012 Q1 Community Service Awards

The Foundation wishes to thank Carl Trachte and Audrey Roy for their work in the Python community with Community Service Awards for the first quarter of 2012.

Carl has put significant effort into diversifying and supporting non-English speaking writers for the Python Wiki.

Audrey also put in a lot of time diversifying the community with her work in creating the PyLadies group as well speaking on outreach issues as numerous conferences.

On behalf of the Python community, the PSF thanks Carl and Audrey for their time and effort!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Request for Proposal: Redesign

The main Python site at was redesigned in 2005-2006 -- over six years ago. It's time for a redesign, to improve the organization of the site and its appearance, and to simplify the task for the volunteers who maintain the content. The PSF would therefore like fund the design and implementation of a new look and architecture for The web development landscape has also changed a lot since 2006, and we look forward to seeing what this community can produce.

The Request for Proposal for the redesign has been published on Questions and comments can be e-mailed to the psf-redesign mailing list at psf-redesign at Proposals are due by July 21st 2012, two months from today.

The RFP was initially drafted by Jesse Noller, and feedback from the site maintainers was incorporated by Andrew Kuchling.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Steve Holden steps down as Chairman

Throughout his time with the Python Software Foundation, starting as the informal chair of the first several PyCons, the Python community has enjoyed the friendly face of Steve Holden at the helm and around the community, exemplifying the open source ethos. Through his 8 years as a Director, two of which he spent as Vice Chairman, and the last four spent as Chairman of the Board, Steve's hard work and countless hours of effort have helped shape this community and foundation into the great state we have in 2012.

While Steve isn't leaving the community or even the foundation, where he'll remain as a Director, he's moving on from the Chairman position earlier than planned to take some well needed personal time. As he outlines in his last post, Swan Song, there's likely to be some surgery in his future, and we wish him all the best.

On behalf of the foundation and the community, we want to thank Steve for everything he's done for us personally and for everything he's done for the Python community.