Wednesday, July 02, 2014

PSF Sponsors the 10th Python Brasil Conference

The Python Software Foundation donated $4,552 USD to Python Brasil 2014. This amount corresponds to their Gold Level sponsorship. The conference will take place in Recife and Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco. They will have tutorial days November 4-5 with the main conference taking place November 6-7. On November 8th, they will host a sprint day. The event is being organized by the Pernambuco Python User Group (PUG-PE) with the help of Apyb( PythonBrazil Association)

The organizer's behind the event had the following to say:
Python Brasil is one of the main events about technology at Brazil and Latin America related to open-source software and specially about the programming language Python and its derived applications. This is special year for us, since it is the 10th edition, a milestone in the set of events of this magnitude and celebrates your first release at the Northeast region of Brazil, which it reflects the popularity of the language spreading over all Brazil. The previous editions were all hosted at Southeast and south of Brazil. 
The event will host several success cases of organizations using Python at their activities and business, even more, it attracts to Brazil a heterogeneous audience from all over Brazil and foreign countries. More than 300 participants are expected to participate at this meeting, which it will be distributed in several activities such as the conference, desconference also known as Open Spaces, Job Fair, Sprints, lighting talks, tutorials, keynotes and exposition. 
The PythonBrasil is a traditional event that happens once a year. In the last editions several cities already hosted the event such as Brasilia (2013), Rio de Janeiro (2012), São Paulo (2011), Curitiba (2010), Caixas do Sul (2009), Rio de Janeiro (2008), Joinville (2007), Brasilia (2006) and Campinas (2005). Through the organizations that supported the event we already had several federal universities, companies and recently the commitment of the Government and the federal parliament at Brasilia.

The last edition was one of the largest joining more than 400 Python developers and open-source enthusiasts for all over Brazil. It was a special edition since the event was co-hosted with the International Plone Conference. 
We believe this year it will be special, first it will be held at Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, an amazing beach located 37 mi south of the city of Recife, Pernambuco. With great environment for joining our old friends and even making some new ones even doing lots of network. In our opinion, the best part of the event will be between the talks and keynotes with the discussion happening at the open-spaces and our lounges covered by coffee (yeah Brazilian developers loves coffee). We host several events post-conferences. For instance, our Django Day, that it will be our second one, that usually happens at one bar with beer, appetizers and lighting talks. We are planning many other joint events, like the first Brazilian meeting of the PyLadies Brazil, that started this year at Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. 
With great technical talks, many invited python references coming to our event and lots of opportunities to meet and learn with many other developers, we believe this year will be quite exciting, specially an event in one of our main touristic points at Brazil.

November is a wonderful time of year to head South and visit Latin America. Traveling internationally can take time to plan, so now is a great time to start!