Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New site:

Introducing a new PSF site:, which collects posts by Jython users and developers. If your weblog belongs on Planet Jython, please write to <webmaster at>.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

PyCon 2007 Funding Available

The Python Software Foundation has allocated some funds to help people attend PyCon 2007. If you'd like to come to PyCon but can't afford it, maybe the PSF can help you. The funding can cover any or all of:

  • Your registration for PyCon
  • Your hotel room at the conference hotel
  • Your flight or other transportation

To apply, send e-mail to <pycon at python dot org>. Please state your name, location, and what you would like to have funded. If you want assistance with your transportation costs, please provide a rough estimate (say, to the nearest US$100) of how much a round-trip will cost.

You should also say why you should come to PyCon, and what you'll be doing. We don't need an essay, but please provide a few sentences of explanation. Priority will be given to people who can contribute significantly to PyCon or to Python, e.g. students working on a task, conference speakers, sprint leaders or developers critical to a sprint, or people doing public service work with Python.

Messages must be received by January 19 2007. Upon receiving your message, we'll send you a notice of receipt. The PSF's Conference Committee and I will discuss the applications and allocate funding to a subset of the applicants. You should be notified of acceptance/rejection by January 28 2007.

Cost notes: PyCon registration is US$195. Hotel rooms are around $90/night; about $300 for the duration of the conference, $700 for conference + sprints. The hotel cost can be lower if you find someone (or two or three) to share a room with; this is encouraged. The PSF can't cover your meals during the conference, or registration fees for tutorials.

We will try to maximize the benefit of the funding. For example, three people who need small amounts are more likely to be funded than one person who needs a large amount. To improve your chances, please try to request the minimum amount of funding you need to attend PyCon.

David Goodger
PyCon 2007 Funding Coordinator