Monday, July 25, 2011

July 2011 Members' Election Results

The Python Software Foundation selected ten new nominated members during the election held in July 2011.

New Nominated Members

Nominated members are individuals or entities who have demonstrated a commitment to the Python language and community. They are nominated and elected by existing members of the foundation.

Giovanni Bajo

Giovanni Bajo has contributed to the community as an organizer for the EuroPython and PyCon Italy conferences, and as a founding member of Python Italia. He also contributes to the PyQt and PyInstaller projects

Massimo DiPierro

Massimo DiPierro is an Associate Professor at the School of Computing and Digital Media of DePaul University and the Director of the Master of Science program in Computational Finance. He is also the manager and founder of MetaCryption LLC and Experts4solutions LLC. Massimo's open source contributions include web2py and

Mike Driscoll

Mike Driscoll is a member of the PSF Communications team, where he is one of the most frequent posters on this blog. He also writes for the Python Insider and PyCon blogs. Mike is active in the Python community in Iowa and founded Pyowa, the local Python user group. He also helps on the PyCon organizer and program committees.

Alex Gaynor

Alex Gaynor has contributed to the PyCon program committee for the past two years. He also has delivered presentations at PyCon, DjangoCon, DjangoCon EU, and PyOhio.

Alex has commit rights for PyPy, Django, CPython, and Unladen Swallow. He has also contributed to dozens of other projects through github.

Asheesh Laroia

Asheesh Laroia is involved in OpenHatch a project to mentor new members of the open source community. He has helped to organize outreach events such as "A project-driven introduction to Python for women and their friends".

Jessica McKellar

Jessica McKellar is a maintainer for the Twisted and OpenHatch projects. She also works on outreach and education projects such as "A project-driven introduction to Python for women and their friends". Jessica also helps to organize Python user groups.

Tetsuya Morimoto

Tetsuya Morimoto is active in the Japanese Python community and is on the staff for PyCon JP. He has translated a significant portion of "Python Module of the Week" into Japanese, and works on the PSF Communication team to organize the translation process and working on the Japanese version of the Python Insider blog. Tetsuya uses Python extensively in his work, and contributes to the pyrtm, Pikzie, and ikazuchi projects.

Paulo Nuin

Paulo Nuin is a member of the PSF Communications team. He writes for the PSF blog and leads the Portuguese translation team for Python Insider. As part of mentoring undergraduate and graduate students at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, Paulo has encouraged the use of Python and BioPython for daily lab and informatics work and organizes a "Python for Bioinformatics" workshop.

Audrey M. Roy

Audrey Roy has been instrumental in the creation and initial success of the PyLadies outreach group in Los Angeles and will be one of the keynote speakers at PyConAU 2011. She is a core developer for DjangoPackages and the associated Packaginator open source project.

Gavin M. Roy

Gavin Roy is the CTO of, where he encourages the use of Python and contributes internally developed code to the open source community. He supports two local Python user groups, PhillyPUG in Philadelphia, and PUG-IP in Princeton, NJ. He was a speaker at PyCon 2011 in Atlanta and participated in the Program Committee. Gavin is also the primary maintainer of the pika module for interacting with RabbitMQ.

PSF Membership

The FAQ contains more information about membership in the Python Software Foundation.