Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Pay What You Want for "The Humble Book Bundle: Python" and Benefit the PSF

Pay what you want for a stack of Python ebooks from No Starch Press, and decide what portion goes to the PSF. This deal is presented by Humble Bundle, which sells ebooks and games to raise money for nonprofits. When you buy a bundle you choose how much to pay, and how the money is divided among the creators, Humble Bundle, Inc., and the nonprofit organization.

The Humble Book Bundle: Python is available now through April 19th. Pay a dollar or more for these three books:

If you choose to pay $8 or more, you also receive:

If you pay more than $15 you get all of the above, plus:

To help the PSF and get a stack of fun and useful Python books at a price you decide, buy the bundle before April 19th!