Sunday, August 06, 2006

Four issue trackers submitted for Infrastructure Committee's tracker search

Back in June, the Python Software Foundation's Infrastructure Committee asked for help in the search for a new issue tracker to replace SourceForge. We asked people who wished to help with the search to install their favourite issue tracker and import a data dump of our issues from SourceForge. We placed a deadline of August 7th to have the installation up and going. We realized that this was a large request to make of the community, but we needed to make sure that we got to evaluate any candidate trackers with the amount of issues that Python has so as to get a real-world feel. Not surprisingly, the community stepped up to the challenge with four different test tracker installations by the deadline! We have one for JIRA, Roundup, Trac, and Launchpad. The current schedule calls for the Infrastructure Committee to spend the next month evaluating the four trackers and making a decision on which one to go with. This might slip, though, since this overlaps with traditional American and European vacation time. But the slippage will not go beyond October 1. On behalf of the Infrastructure Committee, I thank the people who took the time and effort to set up a test tracker to help improve the development of Python.