Sunday, October 29, 2006

Infrastructure committee moves forward with Roundup as the issue tracker for Python

In a previous post we pointed out that the Infrastructure committee had come to a recommendation for a new issue tracker for Python development. As part of that recommendation we stated that if enough volunteer administrators stepped forward to help administer a tracker installation the recommendation would switch from JIRA to Roundup. I am happy to report that more than enough volunteers stepped forward! Four admins (Paul DuBois, Erik Forsberg, Stefan Seefeld, and Michael Twomey) have been chosen to initially lead the handling of the tracker. We have also accepted a generous offer made by Upfront Systems to host the tracker. Our next steps are to begin planning out how to administer the installation, what we want from the tracker, and how to migrate off of SourceForge. These discussions will take place on the tracker-discuss mailing list to make sure that the tracker meets the needs of the Python development team. Thanks to all of those people who came forward to volunteer for the tracker to make all of this come together!