Saturday, February 09, 2008

Help Needed with Python Job Board

One of the more valuable services available through the web site is the Python Job Board. This is normally maintained by the pydotorg webmasters, but they have been too busy with their day jobs recently and so we have a backlog of almost a month's worth of jobs. If you are an employer wondering when your posting is going to appear, please accept our apologies. The Job Board, like the rest of the Python Software Foundation, is staffed by volunteers, and so things can't always happen as promptly as we would like. If you are someone who is interested in joining the maintenance team I am sure our regular maintainers would be glad of the opportunity to shed a little of the burden. The Job Board is a fairly easy way to move into site maintenance, and we are always looking for help. If you can spare some time and want to help the Python community (as well as seeing the jobs before anyone else) please send an email to pydotorg at to find out more about what's involved.