Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stepping down as Chairman of the Board

Stephan Deibel writes ... For the past four years, I've served as Chairman of the Board of the Python Software Foundation. This year, I stepped down and Steve Holden has replaced me. I did this because I believe strongly that the organization needs this kind of infusion of new blood, new thoughts and ideas. Indeed, I've got a feeling Steve is going to do a great job with this.

We also have some new members on the Board: James Tauber and Raymond Hettinger have replaced David Ascher and Andrew Kuchling, who stepped down this year. Raymond, who is among other things also a CPA, even took on the role of Assistant Treasurer. This is extraordinarily important for the organization and has put to rest my biggest worry -- that the PSF would be unable to find a new Treasurer when our current capable and efficient Treasurer, Kurt Kaiser, seeks to step down. I kid you not when I say that this has kept me awake at night (and by gosh it should have been keeping the rest of you awake as well ;-).

All of this leaves me very positive on the PSF's future. I will continue to serve as a Director and hope to contribute to the PSF and Python in general in other ways in the coming years.

Thanks to all for your confidence in me as Chairman in the past years. I hope I've not let you down!