Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Python Job Board: Anything But Boring

Some members of the community may not be aware of the Python Job Board, a free list of open positions using Python and related tools. You'll find career opportunities working with Django, Plone, SqlAlchemy, CSS, HTML, Database Administration, and much more. Although the jobs are in a variety of industries, and located all over the world, the common thread that ties them all together is Python.

Are you hiring?

Listing an open position on the job board is free. If you have a Python-related job opening, email with your information. Be sure to check out the current listings to get a feel for how you should write yours and follow the provided reStructuredText template.

Volunteer Maintainers

The job board is maintained by the web team, including Martin Thomas who took over as the primary maintainer from Peter Kropf over 4 years ago. According to Martin, new job listings come in at a rate of anywhere between one a week to ten per day!

In the near future, Martin is planning to add a Twitter feed so you can get your job listing fix in real time. We'll have more information about that when the feed is active.