Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An Update on Our Trademark Issue

A few days ago, we reached out for help to gather evidence about the use of “Python” in Europe. We received an overwhelming response from the community, with hundreds of letters from individuals, companies, and universities, as well as scans of articles, book covers, conference T-shirts, and brochures. It has been truly been amazing to see.

Unfortunately, we also saw that there were a few who decided to directly attack the people and the company we are opposing. We put out a call for civility - and we want to emphasize that any hacktivism or threats will end up hurting the Python community in the long run. This is not who we are or how we act.

Although the issues have not yet been resolved, we are engaged in good-faith negotiations with the head of Veber, and we hope and expect that we will be able to announce a settlement soon.


Van Lindberg
Chairman, Python Software Foundation