Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Farewell Malcolm

While we celebrated the Python community last week at PyCon, we quietly lost one of our own. Malcolm Tredinnick, core Django developer and longtime member of the PSF passed away this past weekend.

Malcolm embodied the type of ideals that we all strive for in the Python community. He was known both for his code and for his kindness, for his intelligence and his humanity. Malcolm was a regular in the #django channel on IRC. It might have been intimidating to new users to be chatting with the author of the Django ORM, but he always took the time to put people at ease and answer their questions.

We are grateful to have known Malcolm. We will miss him.

As Barbara Shaurette wrote:

I encourage everyone to honor Malcolm's memory by following his example.

Submit that patch for a Django ORM ticket that you've putting off for a while.

Go into #django and help some new users.

Answer questions. Be nice.

Memorial page on Storify
Official announcement on the Django website