Thursday, July 26, 2018

The PSF Jobs Volunteer Team: Community Service Award Q1 2018 Recipient

The popularity of the Python language has increased exponentially in recent years. Notably, Stack Overflow highlighted Python as the fastest growing major programming language. As Pythonistas, we know why: Python is easy to learn, solves real world problems in a variety of fields, and has an amazingly friendly community.

With its success, companies around the world are using Python to build and improve their products, creating a growing need for people that know – or are willing to learn – the language. Today you can see Python’s popularity reflected in the growing supply of Python-related jobs with a quick internet search. Or you can head over to the the Python official site and look at the Python Jobs board! Created in 2010 as a way to connect developers and companies, the Python Jobs board was relaunched in early 2015 and has since been run by an awesome team of volunteers.

It’s with great pride that the Python Software Foundation has awarded Jon Clements, Melanie Jutras, Rhys Yorke, Martijn Pieters, and Marc-Andre Lemburg with the Q1 2018 Community Service Award:
RESOLVED, that the Python Software Foundation award the Q1 2018 Community Service Award to the following members of the PSF Jobs Volunteer Team for the many hours they have contributed to reviewing and managing the hundreds of job postings submitted on an annual basis: Jon Clements, Melanie Jutras, Rhys Yorke, Martijn Pieters, and Marc-Andre Lemburg.

PSF Jobs Volunteer Team: A Team of Dedicated Volunteers

As a job poster, all you need to do is register on the Python website and create a job posting filling out the required information. Then, the Jobs Volunteer Team will review them one by one against a list of criteria – such as text format, the job description and how it is related to Python. The entry can be automatically published or sent back to its author with a review note. The process may seem simple, but imagine doing that for hundreds of jobs each year - that's a lot of responsibility!

The PSF Jobs Volunteer team has five members, including members Marc Andre and Rhys York.

Marc-Andre is the CEO and founder of, a Python-focused project and consulting company based in Germany. He has a degree in mathematics from the University of Düsseldorf.
His work with Python started in 1994.

As a Python Core Developer, Marc-Andre designed and implemented the Unicode support in Python 2.0, and authored the mx Extensions. He is also the EuroPython Society (EPS) Chair, a Python Software Foundation (PSF) founding Fellow and co-founded a local Python meeting in Düsseldorf (PyDDF). He served on the board of the PSF and EPS for many terms and loves to contribute to the growth of Python wherever he can.

Rhys grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada where he developed a passion for drawing, writing and technology.

He began working in 1999 on Marvel Comics' Deadpool, and since that time has had the opportunity to work on ThunderCats, G.I. Joe, Battle of the Planets, and a number of exciting properties. He works in the film, television and video game industries - notably on Funcom’s "The Secret World", Drinkbox’s "Tales from Space: About a Blob" and Ubisoft's "FarCry 5".
Rhys recently wrapped on the third season of the science-fiction television series "The Expanse" as well as on the film "Polar". Rhys is also currently working as Art Director at Brown Bags Films on an undisclosed animation project. As if that wasn’t enough, Rhys teaches Python to children and adults as well. Rhys is very passionate about promoting programming literacy.

Engagement, Challenges and the Future of the Python Job Board

Explaining his involvement with the PSF Jobs Volunteer Team, Marc-Andre says,

“I took over the Job Boards project after the previous maintainer, Chris Wither, left the project in 2013. I kickstarted the relaunch project in February 2014 to migrate the old job board to the new platform.  
The project was on hold for several months between August 2014 and January 2015, but then picked up speed again and we were able to relaunch the Job Board on March 19th 2015. 
Since then a team of reviewers has been working hard to keep up with the many job postings we get each day.”

The Jobs Team faced several challenges during the platform redesign, such as managing the project, rethinking the review process, and finding people to help and. Following the relaunch the team faced additional challenges in keeping up with processing all the job posts that were remaining in the backlog.

As for the future of the Team, Rhys wants to continue providing a service to the Python community and Marc-Andre has worked with the PSF to turn the group into a PSF Working Group as of July 24, 2018. This change will enable to group to get more recognition from the PSF and the Python community at large.

How you can get involved

If you want contribute and be a part of the Team, Marc-Andre says:

Today, the job reviews are pretty easy to manage. We have laid out a set of rules which work well and reviews don't take long to do anymore. The process is documented here.

There are still a few rough edges in the system, so if there are Django programmers willing to help, please get in contact with Berker Peksağ and submit Pull Requests for the open issues we have on the tracker.

Rhys adds, “Do it. Even if you have little time, giving back to the community is a rewarding experience.”

Marc-Andre, member of The PSF Jobs Volunteer Team