Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Commencing Security, Accessibility, and Internationalization Improvements to PyPI for 2019

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) and PSF Packaging Working Group are excited to announce that the first round of slated improvements to PyPI for 2019 are underway. This Open Technology Fund funded project will bring improvements to the accessibility and security of the service. You can read more about the scope of this project in our request for proposals document.

We are excited to have two returning contractors from the MOSS funded work that brought the full rewrite of PyPI into production.

Kabu Creative

Responsible for the user interface and user experience of PyPI, Kabu Creative will be fulfilling those aspects of new features for the project. Additionally, we are excited for their work on auditing and improving the accessibility of PyPI's web user interface.

Changeset Consulting, LLC

With experience in project management, communications, and contributions for projects and teams across the realm of open source, Changeset Consulting will be responsible for helping to lead the project to completion. Along the way Changeset Consulting will also be performing reporting, communications, and outreach to help keep the Python community up to speed on how the project is progressing.

We are also welcoming a new contractor to the team to complete this project.

Trail of Bits

Bringing their experience securing organizations and products, Trail of Bits will be handling the backend development related to the security milestones of the project, as well as the backend development necessary for implementing internationalization of the PyPI user interface.

The PSF looks forward to sharing more here as features are developed and deployed to PyPI. Subscribe to pypi-announce for announcements of big changes to PyPI, and follow this blog for updates as the work progresses.