Thursday, April 04, 2019

Update on the Python in Education Proposal Phase

In January when we launched the Python in Education project, we were a bit too ambitious with our timeline. Due to other commitments, we were not able to stick to the original time frame.

Here is the revised timeline:

April 4 - May 9: Request for Proposals phase
May 10 - May 31: Review process
June 1: Notify the accepted proposals
June-August of 2019: Accepted proposal work begins

We'd also like to take this opportunity to inform everyone interested in submitting a proposal that we selected three categories we'd like to see proposals on. Additionally, we'd like to share the evaluation rubric we will use when reviewing each proposal. 

Proposal categories

After reviewing all of the ideas we received in the first phase of this project, we have narrowed the scope of the proposals to:
  1. resources (curriculums, evaluations, studies, multidisciplinary projects)
  2. localization (translations, global currency, global timestamps, etc)
  3. mobile (development on mobile devices)
We ask that if you are considering submitting a proposal that it fall into one of these broad categories.

Evaluation rubric

Every proposal we receive will be evaluated against this rubric. We are looking for proposals that adhere to the PSF's code of conduct, align with the PSF's mission, have international reach, are feasible, and pertain to underrepresented topics.

If anyone has any questions, please contact us at