Thursday, July 11, 2019

2019 PSF Fundraiser - Thank you & debrief

Thank you to all who donated to our 2019 Fundraiser, Building the PSF.  Our fundraiser ended June 30th and we successfully surpassed our goal!

The PSF received over $75,000 in donations!

To learn about how the Python Software Foundation uses its funding, check out our Annual Impact Report:

What did we learn from this experience?

Collaborating with a company that supports our mission was a tremendous help. This was our first fundraiser collaborating with another organization. JetBrains sold PyCharm licenses at a discounted rate and donated all of the proceeds to the PSF. This partnership contributed $29,609 to this fundraiser. We thank JetBrains and their entire team for all of the effort and time they put into our fundraiser. This opportunity helped us raise more money and hopefully introduced new people to our community.

Additionally, we learned that having a strong beginning is important to reach our fundraising goal in an appropriate timeframe. Initially, the fundraiser was going to end at the end of May. Because we weren't close to reaching our goal of $60,000, we extended the fundraiser twice. Going forward we will have a better plan in place for an impactful start.

We want to hear from our community. If anyone has any suggestions or comments about our fundraisers, please don't hesitate to reach out. We aim to have an "open door" policy since our fundraisers directly impact our community.

Want to collaborate with the PSF on our next fundraiser?

As you know, the Python Software Foundation is a non-profit organization and depends on sponsorships and donations for revenue, which in turn support sprints, meetups, community events, Python documentation, fiscal sponsorships, software development, and community projects.

The PSF would love to partner with organizations to support our mission and help sustain a vibrant community. By working together, we hope to raise more funding so we can provide more community support! Contact for more information!