Thursday, June 18, 2020

2020 Python Software Foundation Board of Directors Election Results

The 2020 Python Software Foundation Board of Directors election has concluded.
Of 1,151 eligible voting members, 462 ballots were cast. This surpasses the necessary 1/3 quorum.
The four top votegetters via approval voting are:
  • Nina Zakharenko
  • Dustin Ingram
  • Jeff Triplett
  • Thomas Wouters
They will serve a three year term on the board.
No ties were necessary to break.
The full result is visible to elligible voters at using the same credentials as their ballot.
The Python Software Foundation thanks all the nominees, voting members, and the newly elected directors! The long term viability of our community relies on participation of our global membership.
If you would like to participate as a voter in the next election join as a Supporting, Contributing, or Managing member today! You can read more about the different classes at on