Friday, November 20, 2020

PyPI receives AWS credits for open source projects

 The support provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the Python Software Foundation has been a core part of operating The Python Package Index since it was relaunched on an all new codebase in March 2018.

AWS has provided PyPI a stable and extensible platform for our Kubernetes based deployment. Services like Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon SQS, and Amazon SNS have made managing the service behind PyPI possible with such a small team.

The PSF and PyPI team are excited transition from credits negotiated as part of sponsorship deals to credits granted through the AWS promotional credits for open source projects program.

This kind of direct support to open source infrastructure projects is rare and we are happy to see AWS investing in not only the Python community, but the broader open source ecosystem it is built on as well.