Thursday, February 11, 2021

Welcoming Google as a Visionary Sponsor of the PSF

Our top sponsors—companies who step forward to make the biggest investment in Python and its community—not only use Python for their own internal development, but also offer Python as a crucial part of the products they offer to their own customers. That is certainly true of Google, the Python Software Foundation’s first Visionary Sponsor.

Google's donations and sponsorship funds will be used to support a number of PSF initiatives, including the first CPython Developer in Residence. The Python Steering Council and Python Software Foundation will work together to contract a developer to help CPython determine what needs to take priority through analytical metrics as well as helping CPython understand how backlog can be addressed. The role will also be responsible for surveying maintainers to paint a better landscape of CPython, which will be used to ensure future funding and volunteer hours are used efficiently and effectively.

In addition, the sponsorship funds will also be used towards critical supply-chain security improvements, including developing productized malware detection for PyPI, a prototype of dynamic analysis infrastructure for distributions, and other foundational tool improvements. 

Google has been a Python Software Foundation sponsor since 2010. Our hearts are full of gratitude for their support. You can read more about how Google is supporting the Python ecosystem on their blog.

If your organization is interested in supporting the PSF's initiatives, please check out our newly renovated sponsorship program.