Tuesday, December 07, 2021

A message from the PSF's outgoing Executive Director

Today is my last day at the PSF. It's been an honor and a pleasure serving the Python community for over a decade. 

It's a very bittersweet feeling for me. Although I recognized that I needed change, this community has always been much more than just a job. I like to say that I helped the PSF grow to what it is today, and in turn, the PSF certainly has helped me grow into who I am today. 

I've met people from our community who have forever impacted my life professionally and personally. I've contributed to what has grown to be the most popular programming language on the planet. I've led a small non-profit to financial sustainability. We've been through a few crises that nearly spelled the end of our foundation, including this ongoing pandemic. I've gotten a chance to work with some of the most brilliant and caring folks every day. I'm incredibly grateful to all of you for that experience.

Picture of PSF Staff in November 2021
The PSF staff meeting in November of 2021

The PSF Board Executive Director Transition Committee is working diligently to find a replacement. In the meantime, Thomas Wouters will be the interim General Manager, supporting the staff through this transition. I look forward to seeing how the PSF will continue supporting the Python community and who'll be leading it into this new era.

I wish all my Python friends health, happiness, and success in all you do!