Friday, March 29, 2024

DjangoCon Africa Grant Process Retrospective

The PSF received an open letter asking us, amongst other things, to look into some of our recent grant decisions and make recommendations to the PSF Board for improving the Grants Program. We contracted Carol Willing, of Willing Consulting, to do this work in the form of a retrospective. Carol’s scope included reading through mailing lists, examining Board and Grants Working group norms, creating a comprehensive timeline, conducting interviews, documenting findings, and offering recommendations for the future.

In the retrospective Willing contextualizes the PSF Grants Program as part of the work of a non-profit with a charitable mission, incorporating research on best practices and effective governance. The full text of the DjangoCon Africa Grant Process Retrospective is now available.  We are eager to explore the suggestions made in the retrospective and respond to community feedback.


This retrospective is just one step in our process to ensure the PSF Grants Program is responsive, transparent, and more approachable. We also recently started hosting PSF Grants Program Office Hours. The office hours are a text-only chat-based session hosted on the Python Software Foundation Discord at 1-2PM UTC (9AM Eastern) on the third Tuesday of the month. (Check what time that is for you.)  We look forward to sharing more of our progress as we continue to enhance and improve the PSF Grants Program.