Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Thinking about running for the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors? Let’s talk!

PSF Board elections are a chance for the community to choose representatives to help the PSF create a vision for and build the future of the Python community. This year there are 3 seats open on the PSF board. Check out who is currently on the PSF Board. (Débora Azevedo, Kwon-Han Bae, and Tania Allard are at the end of their current terms.)

Office Hours Details

This year, the PSF Board is running Office Hours so you can connect with current members to ask questions and learn more about what being a part of the Board entails. There will be two Office Hour sessions:

  • June 11th, 4 PM UTC
  • June 18th, 12 PM UTC

Make sure to check what time that is for you. We welcome you to join the PSF Discord and navigate to the #psf-elections channel to participate in Office Hours. The server is moderated by PSF Staff and locked between office hours sessions. If you’re new to Discord, check out some Discord Basics to help you get started.

Who runs for the Board?

People who care about the Python community, who want to see it flourish and grow, and also have a few hours a month to attend regular meetings, serve on committees, participate in conversations, and promote the Python community. Check out our Life as Python Software Foundation Director video to learn more about what being a part of the PSF Board entails. We also invite you to review our Annual Impact Report for 2023 to learn more about the PSF mission and what we do.

Nomination info

You can nominate yourself or someone else. We encourage you to reach out to people before you nominate them to ensure they are enthusiastic about the potential of joining the Board. Nominations open on Tuesday, June 11th, 2:00 PM UTC, so you have a few weeks to research the role and craft a nomination statement. The nomination period ends on June 25th, 2:00 PM UTC.