Monday, May 01, 2006

Foundation Supports PyWeek with Hosting

May 1, 2006. PyWeek is a game programming challenge in which participants must write a game in one week using Python. The second PyWeek challenge placed heavy stress on a donated server infrastructure, highlighting the need for more professional hosting facilties.

To ensure that PyWeek can continue to meet this growing demand the Python Software Foundation today announced that it will support PyWeek by funding the hosting facilities that are required to keep the increasingly popular event as responsive as possible to participants.

Richard Jones, PyWeek's organizer, said "PyWeek challenges entrants to develop a complete game in Python in a week. Inspired by similar programming challenges and National Novel Writing Month, the event capitalises on the extraordinary work people can produce under the combined influence of a very short deadline and a community of like-minded people. This year there were approximately 100 entries, of which about 35 were completed. The next PyWeek will be in about 6 months.

"Response to the challenge was a little overwhelming for the volunteer hosting but new hosting has been found with the PSF's help and PyWeek lives on!".

For further information please see the PyWeek and Python Software Foundation web sites.