Thursday, May 25, 2006

Summer of Code projects selected

A slate of Python-related projects has now been selected for Google's Summer of Code initiative.

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) was allocated 25 projects, tying with the Apache Software Foundation for the largest number of funded proposals. The PSF's list of the accepted projects is now public.

The accepted projects include 5 enhancements to the CPython interpreter or standard library, 3 PyPy projects, 3 SciPy projects, and 2 projects relating to the Soya3D library for 3-dimensional graphics. There are also individual projects to enhance PyGame, SQLAlchemy, Python support in Eclipse, and Mailman; to port the Cells extension for object-oriented programming from Common Lisp to Python; to add automated code analysis to the Python Package Index; and to write a Python API for Mozilla browser plug-ins.

The PSF would like to thank everyone who helped assess and rank proposals, and all the volunteer mentors who offered to assist students with their projects.