Sunday, July 04, 2010

Montréal-Python Packaging Sprint

The Montréal-Python user group is holding a sprint to work on the Python packaging system Monday July 5, 2010.

Montréal-Python has been sprinting together since November 2009, and this will be the fifth in a series of sprints on packaging the group has held since March 2010. The goals for this week are being coordinated with Tarek Ziadé and the other developers from the team working on Distribute and distutils2, the new packaging libraries for Python. Returning participants will resume work that was begun at the previous meetings, and new sprinters will be given assistance learning their way around the code and configuring a development environment.

Details for Participants

The sprint will be held at Brasseurs Numériques, 1124 Marie-Anne, Suite 11, starting at 6:30 PM EDT (UTC -4). The facility is limited to 12 persons so if you plan to attend in person please RSVP on the wiki. You can also participate online by joining #montreal-python on

For more information about the planned activities, see the Montréal-Python wiki page for the event:


The PSF is pleased to be able to sponsor food and drinks for the event as a pilot project for the new Sponsored Sprints program. For more information about applying for funding of your own sprint, visit