Thursday, December 09, 2010

PSF supports 2010 SciPy India


The Python Software Foundation has awarded a USD $1250 grant to help fund sprints at the 2010 SciPy India Conference, being held in Hyderabad between December 13th and 18th. The conference consists of two days of talks, three days of a combination of morning tutorials and afternoon coding sprints, as well as an additional full day of sprints. The conference focuses heavily on tutorials and coding sprint, as the adoption of Python for scientific programming is not as wide-spread in India as it is in the US and Europe.

Since the Scipy India Conference targets students and faculty, it is essential that costs are kept as low as possible for attendees. To that end, most of the conference costs are covered by FOSSEE (Free and Open-source Software for Science and Engineering Education). PSF support will help in the overall organization, especially now that the conference more than doubled in size this year.