Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Python Jobs Board Maintainer Changing

The Python Job Board has been maintained for over 4 years primarily by one person: Martin Thomas. Recently, Martin has decided to pass the reins to Chris Withers. The PSF would like to thank Martin for his hard work and wish him well on his new endeavors. We would also like to welcome Chris to his new position an d applaud him for taking up this new responsibility.

Don't Know About the Job Board?

Some members of the community may not be aware of the Python Job Board, a free list of open positions using Python and related tools. You'll find career opportunities working with Django, Plone, SQLAlchemy, CSS, HTML, Database Administration, and much more. Although the jobs are in a variety of industries, and located all over the world, the common thread that ties them all together is Python.

For more information, see the website.