Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Meta deepens its investment in the Python ecosystem

As the backbone to many Meta Services ranging from Instagram to its AI and data infrastructure, Python is very important to Meta. PyTorch is built on Python, accelerating the path from ML research and prototyping to production within Meta and across the open source ML ecosystem. Cinder is Meta’s performance-oriented version of Python that allows Instagram to run at global scale. Pyre is a performant type-checker used by thousands of Python developers in Meta.

To support the Python ecosystem, we are excited to announce that Meta has made a $300,000 Visionary level sponsorship of the Python Software Foundation (PSF) that will provide critical support to the PSF and fund a second year of the successful Developer-in-Residence program. Meta is also committed to long-term investment in Python’s performance, by upstreaming improvements from Cinder, and making it more broadly available.

Developer-in-Residence: The second year

The Developer-in-Residence program was launched in 2021, dedicating a full-time role to CPython. Python is a powerful and popular open-source language, used by millions of people around the world, in applications ranging from basic programming tutorials to literal rocket science. This is made possible by the nature of Open Source. The Developer-in-Residence program was established to provide full-time support to volunteers working on Python, tackling problems that are best solved by a dedicated role.

Łukasz Langa is the inaugural Developer-in-Residence. A seasoned Python core developer and release manager for Python 3.8 and 3.9, in the first year of the program he is using his unique position to make progress on key projects that are impractical to complete with volunteer time, like chipping away at the backlog of pull requests and completing the migration of bugs.python.org to GitHub Issues, as well as mentoring new core developers.

Meta’s funding of a second year of the Developer-in-Residence program allows crucial continuity and stability. Knowing the role is funded for a second year, Łukasz, with direction from the Steering Council and support from the PSF, can take a farther looking view to plan ahead, invest in setting up the foundation for long-term projects, and build on the lessons of the inaugural year. 

"Being able to work full-time on Python is a dream come true for me. I'm humbled and grateful for the opportunity, and now for the ongoing trust by the PSF and Meta. I'm extremely happy I'll be able to do that for yet another year. Having somebody around to do code review full time helps the rest of the team focus on what they do best. With the role extending into 2023, I can start talking about more long-term contribution plans. I can't wait!" - Łukasz Langa

The PSF is thrilled that thanks to Meta’s generosity, we will be able to continue this successful program, which will grow and deepen its impact on the future of CPython and the Python community in the second year.

Foundation sponsorship for the PSF

Meta’s donation will also provide substantial support to the PSF and our core programs, including maintaining and supporting PyPI.org, our grants program reaching Pythonista projects around the world, PyCon US bringing together the Python community, stewardship of Python intellectual property, and foundational infrastructure for hosting the language and new Python releases. 

We are proud to recognize Meta as a Visionary Sponsor of our work, helping to make the full range of our programs and the Python ecosystem sustainable in the long term. The PSF and everything we do would not be possible without the participation of sponsors like Meta. We are deeply grateful for their investment, which is part of building the foundation that will enable the PSF and Python to thrive for years to come.