Thursday, June 09, 2022

The PSF's 2021 Annual Report

2021 was a challenging and exciting year for the PSF. We’ve done our best to capture some of the key numbers, details, and context in our latest annual report. Some highlights of what you’ll find in the annual report include: 

  • Letter from our outgoing Board Chair Lorena Mesa
  • Personal reflection on the PSF’s 20th anniversary from our outgoing interim general manager and longtime community member Thomas Wouters
  • Note from our new Executive Director Deb Nicholson
  • Account by Łukasz Langa on what he’s accomplished and learned in his first year as the inaugural PSF Developer in Residence
  • PyCon US 2021 by the numbers
  • Where we sent grant funding in 2021
  • Summary of our 2021 financials
  • Great photos plus testimonials from some of the small number of live events the PSF supported in 2021, generously shared by these groups who are doing great work for the Python community around the world:
  • Sponsors who generously supported our work and the Python ecosystem in 2021

We’d love for you to take a look, and if you do, let us know what you think! You can comment here, tweet at us, or share your thoughts on