Thursday, June 17, 2010

Members' Meeting at EuroPython 2010

The PSF is organizing a second members' meeting this year, and the first ever held outside of the United States.

In the past, official meetings of the members of the Foundation have been held at PyCon US. This summer, a meeting is being organized for 19:00 GMT+1/BST Monday, July 19 to be held in conjunction with EuroPython in Birmingham, UK.

An agenda for the meeting is being prepared online. It currently includes proposals for increasing the presence of the Python Software Foundation in Europe through a partner network and/or branch of the Foundation. As with the meeting in February, official voting on resolutions put forward will take place online a short time after the in-person event.

The meeting is open to all PSF members, not just those from Europe. If you plan to attend, please contact Marc-André Lemburg so he can make sure a large enough room is reserved.