Monday, June 21, 2010

PSF Officers for 2010

The 2010-2011 Board of Directors for the PSF has appointed officers to oversee activities of the Foundation.

Returning Officers

Guido van Rossum returns as President of the PSF. As President, Guido serves as the principal representative of the Foundation.

Steve Holden is Board Chair. He is responsible for organizing and presiding over all Board meetings and keeping the Foundation focused on fulfilling its mission.

Van Lindberg will serve as PyCon Chair again this year. Van manages all of the activities related to running PyCon US, including organizing the volunteer and paid efforts.

Most officers are volunteers from the community, but there are two paid positions on the Board. The Secretary and Treasurer both require regular and timely activity in order to keep up with their duties, so nominal compensation is provided for these officers to make that possible.

Pat Campbell is Secretary, and keeps all of the records of the Foundation. She also prepares the minutes of the Board meetings and delivers formal notices, for example before the start of official voting periods.

Kurt Kaiser continues as Treasurer. Kurt manages the finances of the PSF, receiving income and making payments. He reports the financial status of the Foundation to the members regularly through the members' mailing list.

New Roles

In addition to the traditional organizational roles, the Board is working to identify other areas where focused attention is needed and appoint officers to oversee them. Positions for overseeing Membership, Voting, and other areas are planned but not yet filled.

As Communications Director, Doug Hellmann is responsible for publishing information from the Board, with priority given to any actions taken at Board meetings. He will also be helping to connect other members of the community with information channels to publicize the work they are doing.

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