Saturday, June 05, 2010

PSF Sponsored Sprints

At their May 10 meeting, the PSF Board create a new Sprint Committee to organize a series of sprints for working on Python. Jesse Noller is the committee chair.

This new "focused sprint" initiative is part of a concerted effort to attract more contributors to Python's development team and to speed the adoption of Python 3. The PSF has agreed to provide funding to groups interested in organizing sprints related to:

  • Python core tasks such as bug triage and evaluating patches
  • Python core documentation work
  • Porting existing third-party libraries to run under Python 3
  • Enhancing with new content, organization, or design work
  • Development of PyPI

Over time, other projects may be added as the committee identifies them. Complete instructions for proposing a sprint for your group will be posted once they are worked out.

In the mean time, the Sprint Committee needs volunteers to help launch this project. The first steps will be to set up some communication channels, and then start developing several guides for new contributors. If you want to help out, contact Jesse Noller via

See the announcement on Jesse's blog for more details.