Monday, April 18, 2011

Board of Directors for 2011-2012

The members of the Python Software Foundation have re-elected all 13 members of the current Board of Directors to another term.

  • Raymond Hettinger
  • Steve Holden
  • Marc-André Lemburg
  • David Mertz
  • Douglas Napoleone
  • Jesse Noller
  • Tim Peters
  • Allison Randal
  • Jeff Rush
  • Greg Stein
  • James Tauber
  • Martin von Löwis
  • Gloria Willadsen

About the Board

PSF Directors are elected annually and are responsible for managing the business of the foundation, as outlined in the bylaws. They fulfill two responsibilities:

  1. Completing or overseeing administrative tasks related to the legal standing of the Foundation. These include responding to trademark or licensing queries and monitoring the Foundation's financial health.
  2. Completing "special projects" such as fund raising, administering grants, and supporting day-to-day operations of the Python community.

A director's specific duties depend on the office and any sub-committee memberships held. The board meets monthly via IRC. Minutes from the meetings are available online. Most Directors are volunteers, although some Officer positions (Treasurer and Secretary) do receive a nominal salary.