Monday, April 25, 2011

Zimbio Joins the PSF as a Sponsor Member

The Python Software Foundation is pleased to welcome Zimbio as a new sponsor member. Zimbio is the online magazine publisher behind pop culture websites (covering entertainment news) and (covering fashion). Their publishing platform and content analysis tools are built in Python.

Danny Khatib gave this explanation for sponsoring the PSF:

We love Python. We have benefited greatly from its open source nature and we have vested professional and personal interests in helping it thrive. For technical recruiting purposes, we want to align ourselves more closely with the open source technologies we embrace (primarily Python and Django). From an awareness perspective, we want to be known as the most technologically sophisticated media company on the planet, so engineers will be excited to work for us. From a talent perspective, we hope that getting more involved with the Python Software Foundation and discussion will enable us to more easily identify great talent.

Becoming a Sponsor

Sponsor members pay annual dues to support the Foundation's activities. Prospective sponsor members apply for membership to the PSF board. The board verifies that they meet the criteria set out for sponsor members and then votes on whether to recommend them for sponsor membership in the next election. For more information about membership in the Python Software Foundation, refer to the Membership FAQ.