Thursday, April 21, 2011

The PSF Elects New Members

The Python Software Foundation is pleased to announce the roster of new nominated members chosen during the most recent round of elections. Nominated members are individuals or entities who have demonstrated a commitment to the Python language and community. They are nominated and elected by existing members of the Foundation. For more information about membership in the Python Software Foundation, refer to the FAQ.

Ned Batchelder

Ned Batchelder organizes the Boston Python Meetup group and is a frequent PyCon speaker. He maintains, a widely-used module for analyzing test coverage of source code. Most recently, he has been working with others in the Boston meetup group to create workshops with the goal of increasing the diversity of our community.

Vern Ceder

Vern Ceder is the author of the Quick Python Book, second edition. He has presented a number of times about using Python for education. Vern has also been involved in PyCon US as the originator and organizer of the poster session, a new feature of the conference added in 2010.

Rick Copeland

Rick Copeland is a programmer and the author of Essential SQLAlchemy. He has contributed to the TurboGears project and several templating languages. Rick also speaks regularly at the the Atlanta Python users' group.

Brian Curtin

Brian Curtin manages the PSF Sprints project and Python Insider, the blog for python-dev. He also participates in the program and organizing committees for PyCon US. As a core committer, Brian has helped secure and manage MSDN licenses for the core development team.

Maciej Fijalkowski

Maciej Fijalkowski is an active member of the PyPy project and one of its lead developers. He has continued to help with issues that span between PyPy and CPython. Maciej also regularly attends PyCon, speaks there, and participated in both summits and sprints.

Yannick Gingras

Yannick Gingras is the organizer for the Montreal Python user group. He introduced a Python track into the Confoo PHP conference. Yannick also contributes to the Packaging project and Django documentation translation.

Daniel Greenfeld

Danny has contributed extensively in the Django and Pinax ecosystems, and is the author of the Django Packages web system that allows people to compare and select the packages they need to build their applications. He has also been active on the PyCon Program Committee over the past two years.

Jonathan Hartley

Jonathan Hartley is a Python developer from the UK. In the last few years he has been a regular speaker at PyCon US, EuroPython, and PyCon UK. Jonathan is also involved in the London Python scene, PyWeek, and many other Python-related activities.

Philip Jenvey

Philip Jenvey is a founder of the Pylons project. He is also a core developer of Jython, CPython, and SQLAlchemy. His contributions range from implementation, recruiting developers, bug triage, advocacy, and managing the project release cycles.

Brian K. Jones

Brian K. Jones is a programmer, author, and trainer. He has delivered Python tutorials at conferences including PICC and PyCon. Brian is the co-editor, along with David Beazley, of the upcoming Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition from O'Reilly. He is the former Editor in Chief of Python Magazine, which he also created in collaboration with the publisher.

Jonathan LaCour

Jonathan LaCour has contributed to the TurboGears and Elixir projects. He also speaks regularly at PyCon. His company, ShootQ, is a Python success story.

Mike Orr

Mike Orr is a contributor on the Cheetah, Quixote, and Pylons projects. He helped found SeaPIG (the Seattle Python Interest Group) and co-leads it. Mike has also written several articles about PyCon and Python in Linux Gazette.

Fabio Pliger

Fabio Pliger is one of the founders of PyCon Italia, and is one of the head organisers for EuroPython this year, since the PyCon Italia team is running the conference. He has also contributed to other conferences and has encouraged the collaboration between Python communities in several European countries.

Ronald Oussoren

Ronald Oussoren is a core contributor to CPython. He has made significant contributions to the Mac OS port of CPython, especially through PyObjC.

Lennart Regebro

Lennart Regebro is a long time Python developer and author of the recently released Porting to Python 3. He's also a contributor to distribute and has taken a leading role in porting Zope-related packages to Python 3.

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is a long-time contributor to CPython. He oversaw the integration of the BerkeleyDB module into the standard library and currently contributes to the hashlib, subprocess, and unittest modules. Gregory also works on issues related to concurrency and 64-bit architectures.

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor helps organize PyCon UK and EuroPython. He has also contributed to several projects, including kamaelia and GRAMPS. Richard was the technical reviewer for Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional