Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GSoC Student Applications Accepted

The Python Software Foundation is pleased to announce that 36 applications from students wishing to participate in the Google Summer of Code program have been accepted with Python-related projects sponsored by the PSF.

Accepted Projects

Below is a list of the projects accepted for this summer. The links point to the application abstracts on the GSoC site, so click through for more details about a given project.

Name Project Title
Amaury Medeiros PySoy’s interactive widgets
Anthus Williams Mesh morphs for PySoy
Bart Baker statsmodels times series and state-space model estimation
Ben Edwards Implement Community Detection Algorithms in NetworkX
Benedict Stein Mailman: # Complete the Django web u/i
Boris FELD PYpi Test Infrastructure
Daniel Kluev Pyjamas - in-browser python interpreter
Daniel Neuhäuser Developing a benchmark suite (for Python 3.x)
Danilo Freitas Turn Codespeed into a multi-project, statistically savvy application
Douglas Morato TRYTON : Add full text search capabilities on Tryton records
Drew Rodman Mailman 3 Pipermail SQL conversion and upgrade script
Dushyant Bansal Developing Archives for Mailman 3
Ezio Melotti Enhancements to the Python issue tracker
Greg Slodkowicz Python Import Engine
Henri Bollig Tryton, Pysql, python module to generate SQL strings
Xu Dehai fulfil setuptools features for distutils2
Idan Kamara Mercurials command server
Joe Dallago Pylons Project - Porting Pyramid to Python 3
Joel Bohman Porting Pyramid to Python 3
Jon Neal Game Networking using ICE-UDP for pysoy
Juhani Åhman PySoy: Enhanced 2.5D scenes
Mark Florisson Cython: Supporting Parallelism, Templates and Typed Views on Memory
Max Holtzberg Implementing a POS system for the Tryton project
Mayank Singh Motion-sensing as an alternative user input for PySoy games
Pieter Holtzhausen Focused improvements to scikits.image
Putra Manggala NetworkX: More Flow!
Rodrigo Hübner A Rich Text Editor for Tryton Client
Romain Guillebert Python backend for Cython using PyPy's FFI
Sara Foster PySoy Scene Designer
Sara Kazemi Creature Artificial Emotion [PySoy]
Martin Leon Sébastien [Tryton]Relatorio: FODT format, embed opendocument and support for opendocument spreadsheet.
Torsten Becker Implementing a Flexible String Representation for Python Based on PEP 393
Vlad Niculae Dictionary learning in scikits.learn
Wojciech Wojtyniak Implementing parallel builds of Python's modules
Yeswanth Swami PyTI(PyPI Testing Infrastructure)
Yun Lee Improve Mercurial's built-in help


This has been a growth year for the PSF's involvement in GSoC. We have had the largest group of applicants and mentors since we began participating in the program, up about 10% from last year. Students submitted 89 applications, both for core Python development work and for one of the projects being sponsored by the PSF. The community has provided 72 mentors to help the students.

Increasing Diversity

The PSF is committed to increasing the diversity of the Python community. One way we have been working toward that goal is by encouraging women and other minorities to apply to participate in GSoC through one of the PSF-sponsored projects. This year, three of the 36 accepted applications are from women. That is an improvement over past years, but we still have work to do to raise the participation rate further.

What Next?

The GSoC program is now in the Community Bonding Period. Community members should watch for messages from the student participants on mailing lists and in other forums, and take the opportunity to get to know them. This is also a good time to introduce them to the development tools and processes, and answer questions about how patches are reviewed and approved or how best to communicate with other team members.

For more details about the schedule, see the GSoC timeline on the project web site.