Monday, May 09, 2011

Uniblue Systems Ltd. Joins the PSF as Sponsor Member

The Python Software Foundation is happy welcome Uniblue as a sponsor member. Uniblue is a software company with products designed to improve the speed and stability of PC operating systems.

Uniblue explained their interest in the Python Software Foundation:

Our success with Python has shown us, clearly, how important is the strength of the Python community to our own long-term strategic success. Ultimately we benefit from a Python language that is robust, bug-free and as broadly supported by the development community as possible. By deepening our commitment to Python we can motivate our current development team, while also demonstrating to potential future employees that a career with Uniblue is a path to more actively participating in the broader Python project. Combined, these two vectors will help us build the team we need, while also helping Python develop its code and its community.

Becoming a Sponsor

Sponsor members pay annual dues to support the Foundation's activities. Prospective sponsor members apply for membership to the PSF board. The board verifies that they meet the criteria set out for sponsor members and then votes on whether to recommend them for sponsor membership in the next election. For more information about membership in the Python Software Foundation, refer to the Membership FAQ.