Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PSF Needs Help Creating Logos

The Python Software Foundation board is looking for volunteers to create logos that can be made available to supporters and members of the PSF. Whether you are a professional graphics artist or you just enjoy creating artwork, the PSF would appreciate your contribution.

PSF Member Logos

The first set of logos is for members and sponsors of the Foundation. We need logos for the following support levels, listed in order from lowest to highest:

  • Supporter of the Python Software Foundation
  • Honorary Associate Member of the Python Software Foundation (HAMs)
  • Sponsor Member of the Python Software Foundation
  • Principal Sponsor of the Python Software Foundation
  • Patron Sponsor of the Python Software Foundation
  • Benefactor Sponsor of the Python Software Foundation
  • Member of the Python Software Foundation

Python Marketing

The PSF also needs several other logos for Python 2 and 3 marketing. For example, a set to identify which version of Python is supported by a piece of software. There are three combinations:

  • Supports Python 2
  • Supports Python 2 and 3
  • Supports Python 3

Mobile Applications

Developers occasionally request permission to use the logo for mobile phone application icons. Ideally, we can establish a standard for these (such as a square with one line of text below the Python logo).

Logo Variations

The PSF trademark committee frequently receives requests for permission to use modified versions of the standard Python logo. Ideally, all the new logos should be available in four variations for size and color. Having wide and tall versions, like the existing "Python powered" logos on the website, will allow the logo to be used in different layouts. Versions with and with dark and light backgrounds will let it to fit into different color schemes.

Submitting a Proposal

Email the PSF board (psf at python dot org) with a URL to your proposal. The font files for Flux Regular, used in the official Python logo, will be made available to designers who need them.

The final logos needs to be licensed to the PSF with the option to re-license to other projects or uses. If your submission is selected, you will be asked to sign a contributor agreement.