Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 Python Software Foundation Board Election: What is it and how can I learn more?

Every year the Python Software Foundation announces an open call for nominations for the PSF Board. Following the 2017 PSF members vote, only a subset of the entire board’s seats are open. This year there are four seats available - three (3) seats each with a three year term and one (1) seat that will finish the last two years of a three year term. Nominations for the board are open through May 25th, 2018 23:59:59 AoE.

Who can vote and how can I vote?

Voting for this year’s PSF Board Directors elections are set to begin on June 1st, 2018. To vote in the elections you must be registered as a voting member of the Python Software Foundation (see the FAQ here). You can register on the Membership page at

What does a board member do?

Expectations for board members are outlined on the Python wiki here. Basic requirements for board members include participation in monthly (remote) meetings as well as participation for the 2 to 3 in-person meetings.

Who can run for the PSF board and how can I nominate myself and/or someone else?

Anyone can run for a board member, as outlined by the PSF bylaws (reference Article V). Candidates can be either self-nominated or be nominated by another party. When nominating another person, the nomination requires consent of the potinental nominee.

To enter a nomination the following steps must be completed:

After nominations close, voting will begin on June 1st, 2018. If you wish to vote see voting details above. Additionally, PSF Director Thomas Wouters shared information about the nomination process on Twitter.

Who are the current board members?

The current directors are listed on the PSF website here.

How can I learn more?

Tomorrow on May 22nd the PSF will have an open Slack channel for 24 hours to discuss the election, the PSF, and the responsibilities of the PSF board. Current and outgoing directors will be monitoring the channel to respond to questions as well as PSF staff. You can join the Slack channel here.