Monday, May 07, 2018

Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Capital of the World: Getting to Know Our PyCon 2018 Host City

For those of you coming to PyCon 2018, we have collated some references to places to eat, grab a beverage of choice, explore, stay, or even play. Before we begin covering the city, if this is your first PyCon, you might want to take some time to read Trey Hunner's suggestions on how to Make the Most of Your First PyCon. If you are a music fan, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will likely be a place you want to visit. In addition you can catch a show and have dinner at the House of Blues - Cleveland. The Cleveland Orchestra will be performing works by Beethoven during the PyCon weekends. Like most large cities, Cleveland has an Art Museum and a Science Center. Fans of the movie “A Christmas Story” might be excited to hear that the house used in the film (outside shots) is located in the section of Cleveland called Tremont. You can visit and tour the house and museum seven days a week, 10am to 5pm. You will surely be hungry and thirsty during PyCon. Cleveland has an establishment to satisfy just about any craving you might have. There are many dining options within walking distance of the Huntington Cleveland Convention Center, especially around the East 4th street area. Fellow Pythonista and PyOhio 2018-19 Chair Dave Forgac has a food and drink compilation that covers areas both inside and outside of Downtown Cleveland. In addition, the PyCon team has compiled a listing on the PyCon recommendations page. While Python and the Python Community are our reasons for gathering in Cleveland next week, there are many other events occurring that may be of interest. Since the whole of PyCon 2018 spans nine days, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy other pursuits, like those compiled by the PyCon team here. Dave Forgac also has a quick guide to the essentials of Cleveland. Of course, getting around Cleveland is like most other towns, so the PyCon team has you covered with a list of options for transit. We hope to see you at PyCon in Cleveland, Ohio this year and look forward to celebrating the Python Community with you all.