Monday, April 06, 2020

Python Software Foundation Fellow Members for Q1 2020

We are happy to announce our newest PSF Fellow Members for Q1 2020!

Q1 2020

Al Sweigart
Website, Twitter, GitHub

Alexandre Savio
Twitter, Website

Darya Chyzhyk
Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn

Kenneth Love

Kevin O'Brien
Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn

Serhiy Storchaka

Thea Flowers
Website, Blog, GitHub

Tom Christie
Website, Twitter

Congratulations! Thank you for your continued contributions. We have added you to our Fellow roster online.

The above members have contributed to the Python ecosystem by teaching Python, creating education material, contributing to circuitpython, contributing to and maintaining packaging, organizing Python events and conferences, starting Python communities in their home countries, and overall being great mentors in our community. Each of them continues to help make Python more accessible around the world. To learn more about the new Fellow members, check out their links above.

Let's continue to recognize Pythonistas all over the world for their impact on our community. The criteria for Fellow members is available online: If you would like to nominate someone to be a PSF Fellow, please send a description of their Python accomplishments and their email address to psf-fellow at We are accepting nominations for quarter 2 through May 20, 2020.

Help Wanted!

The Fellow Work Group is looking for more members from all around the world! If you are a PSF Fellow and would like to help review nominations, please email us at psf-fellow at More information is available at: